During a career at SUNY Geneseo lasting over 51 years, Dr. Thomas Matthews saved hundreds of posters. In the fall of 2021, students in Dr. Monica Hershberger’s section of MUSC 100 (Making Music History at SUNY Geneseo ) took these posters and transformed the Lederer Gallery in Geneseo’s Brodie Fine Arts Building into five dorm rooms. Visitors to “Dorm Rooms through the Decades at SUNY Geneseo” in the Lederer Gallery begin in the 1970s and conclude in the 2010s. Moving through the rooms, visitors see posters plastered on the walls, advertising many of the events that took place on campus during that decade, and can read about the posters that particularly interested the students of MUSC 100.

In collaboration with Dr. Hershberger, the SUNY Geneseo Center for Digital Learning has created this website as a companion to the live exhibit. You’ll find a landing page here for each decade, and a link from each poster to a student essay exploring its significance.


Exhibit director

Monica Hershberger, Assistant Professor, Department of Music, SUNY Geneseo

The writers

Samantha Andolina

Alison Bohlen

Lucas Capobianco

Dante Coccia

Amanda Daum

William Dungate

Alec Eng

Tanner Erdman

Misha Firstein-Rudder

Allison Flanagan

Alexandra Galle

Katie Haefele

Joseph Jablonski

Ryan Lajoie

Qing Li

Jada Lucarelli

Phoebe Maxwell

Joey Morgan

Rahim Pirmuhamedov

Lily Qian

Jovahn Roumell

Jake Steffen

Nick Widman

Collection curator

Tom Matthews, Associate Dean of Leadership and Service, SUNY Geneseo (retired 2018)

Web design + layout

Amanda Schmidt, Digital Humanities and Learning Coordinator, SUNY Geneseo

Exhibit digitization

Center for Digital Learning, SUNY Geneseo

Background image

The Greek Tree, Sturgess Quad, SUNY Geneseo, 1973